Te Kete O Te Ao Mārama

Affirmation cards for your journey, based on the wisdom of Māori spiritual traditions.


Nau mai haere mai. Nau mai haere mai ki te whare o Te Kete O Te Ao Mārama.

Welcome, welcome.

Welcome into the world of Te Kete O Te Ao Mārama, affirmation cards for your journey

Ruru-Dreams, Trust

Mauri Ora-Connection, Family


from Te Kete O Te Ao Mārama


Kapowai is the dragonfly and damselfly, hovering  in the shimmering sunlight on the fringes of lakes and river banks. Kapowai is filled with the joy of living, content in its own purpose and in the joy of the moment.Kapowai asks us to be true to ourselves and our own rhythms.


I am alive. I am joyously alive.

Day by day I am learning to be true to myself, to follow my own rhythms and promptings.

I celebrate the joy of being a spiritual being on a human journey.


The Koru is the fern found in the forest, within Tane Mahuta’s realm. In its nascent form, it forms a spiral.

Koru reminds us that our journey is a spiral, where we meet the same challenges again and again.


I walk a spiral, meeting the same challenges again and again. Each time I am better equipped to respond to those challenges.

I celebrate my development, and the growth of my understanding.

Te Marama

Te Marama, the Moon, is the Earth’s closest neighbour.The pull of her energy affects all the water on the planet, including that within each of us, moving it minute by minute, day by day and month by month.All of us dance to the rhythm of her cycles, seen and unseen.


I am an energy being.The Divine feminine in me celebrates the joyful cycle of the month and the rhythm of tides both external and internal.I am moving myself into alignment with the natural ebb and flow of the Cosmos.I will rest when my cycle requires me to rest, and I will be active when it is time for that.I will not force myself to be what I am not.